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Block deviant Application behavior and prevent loss or damage.

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Appkido's Transaction Flow Model (patented) is a framework to characterize the runtime normal behavior of any Application.

This framework enables us to enforce normal and block deviant behavior as it occurs.

Appkido sensor runs on the host (easy to deploy with NO instrumentation and minimal perf impact) and works for any Application (Java, .NET, etc.) and platform (VM, Container, etc.).

Social Norms for Applications

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Context is key to decide if Application behavior is deviant and block it as it occurs


User identity


Topological location of the particular Application.


What time this Transaction occured?


How did it get there (provenance)?


Easy to Recognize Deviant Behavior

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Block Deviant Behavior and Prevent Loss or Damage

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Runtime Security for Kubernetes Workloads

Discover & Enforce Application Normal Behavior

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Identify Threats inside Application Events

Easily track
  • Hosts 3
  • Applications 32
  • Events 450K
  • Transactions 15.2K
  • Alerts 4


Are your defenses fast enough to respond to ever changing attacks?

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We are a team of passionate engineers from Aruba, AppDynamics, Imperva, Zscaler, Symantec, FireEye.

Together we bring decades of experience building and managing Enterprise Applications to fill key gaps in runtime security for Applications.

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Social Norms for Applications

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